$499.99 / Single license, one-time fee

Speak-EZ+ is a flexible desktop dictation application for hospitals, physician practices and individual providers that supplements the functionality of Nuance’s Dragon Medical Edition 2 speech recognition software. Turbocharged functionality includes 1) the ability to send selected files to a transcription team for editing, 2) the option to suspend a partial narrative for later completion, 3) a physician-friendly electronic signature module and 4) 45 day voice file storage.



Functionality and Workflow

Providers of all specialties enhance their productivity by using Speak-EZ+ with Dragon for an improved speech recognition experience. Speak-EZ+ contains standard, medical and pharmaceutical spellcheckers to ensure accuracy with physician transcript editing. Speak-EZ+ includes template customization with site-selected headings. When dictating with Speak-EZ+ at your desk, providers can utilize Dragon voice commands such as “Scratch that” and “Next paragraph” to complete each patient note with narrative detail. Site-wide standard phases, also known as Normals, may be inserted via a drop down list to save time with frequently repeated phases. Speak-EZ+ includes a physician pull down list to specify transcript copy recipients.

Speak-EZ+ may be used in a simple environment without an interface where providers dictate patient identifying details. Speak-EZ+ is also deployed in environments with a demographic and order interface preloading patient variables before each new narrative. Interfaced data can come from an HL7 feed, a PACS xml file transfer or a more basic automated csv file import. Physicians, mental health counselors and nurse practitioners dictate their patient encounters at a Speak-EZ+ and Dragon Windows workstation using a USB-attached mike. Text display is immediate and amazingly accurate. Providers make any needed edits via voice commands and/or keyboard editing then quickly submit and move on to the next patient with a single click. Integrated workflow options include sending jobs for editing by others, in-house or A+Network. A+Network is Arrendale’s transcription service company with US only MTs and 1-24 hour turnaround time.

Special Features

The TA+ Bundle of Mobile+, Dragon and Speak-EZ+ enables a provider to dictate into the Arrendale Mobile+ app and then to view and edit the converted job at his/her Speak-EZ+ workstation. ‘On the fly’ dictation with speech recognition is also supported with DVR+, our digital voice recorder software. When ready, providers can log into Speak-EZ+ for viewing, editing and e-signature. The Home screen displays job information according to status so that providers can easily locate a needed job, with several sorting options. Speak-EZ+ includes a patient data panel displaying selected data and our specialized toolbar. Users may mark a job as a Stat with a single click, moving that job to the top of the queue if it is sent for completion by others.

Compatibility and Requirements

Speak-EZ Build 170 and forward:

  • Speak-EZ+ is remotely installed. No physical package will be shipped.
  • Speak-EZ+ is Windows based software and is not compatible with Apple Mac computers.
  • Speak-EZ+ is a dictation application that can be used with Dragon to turbocharge front-end speech recognition.
  • Patient and account number interface integration is not included with Speak-EZ+ purchase.
  • Users may access their Speak-EZ+ software from multiple workstations under one license.


  • Operating System: Windows 7 and above
  • CPU: 1.4+ GHz
  • RAM: 2+ GB Available
  • Disk: 80+ GB Available
  • Screen Resolution: 1024×768+

Installation Process

Speak-EZ+ is remotely installed and configured by the Arrendale Support Center. Call 800.344.1323 option 1 after purchase. Interface creation (HL7, xml or csv import) is not included with a Speak-EZ+ license purchase and may be purchased separately. No physical package will be shipped.

Speak-EZ+ Sell Sheet