Arrendale integrates with all major PACS systems to streamline the documentation process for radiologists, improve report turnaround time and advance patient care. Our PC application Speak-EZ+ provides dictation efficiency for radiologists with integrated speech recognition functionality. Highly accurate Dragon software from Nuance works with Speak-EZ+ for front-end speech recognition results. Your PACS sends the XML patient and order data to Speak-EZ+ as each new image appears on the PACS monitor. The Speak-EZ+ app keeps radiologists productive with the swift display of associated PACS data for patient and order verification. Unlike most front-end solutions, radiologists have an option with each read to ‘Submit to QA’ for staff verification of conflicting data or to have others transcribe during schedule conflicts. Radiologists love the freedom to vary their documentation method based on job complexity and daily time constraints.


With our two-way integration, radiologist efficiencies include:

  • Radiologists eliminate manually dialing into a traditional dictation system
  • Radiologists eliminate verbal entry of patient data in response to system prompts
  • Radiologists eliminate bar code scanning or manual entry of order number
  • Radiologists improve productivity with Dragon voice commands or text editing such as “Insert new paragraph” or “Scratch that”
  • Patient and study data that is typically displayed by Speak-EZ+ includes: Patient Name, Date of Birth, Work Type, Order (Accession) Number, Exam Date, Order Description
  • Microphone features include: Rewind, Fast Forward, Pause, Stop, Play, Insert, Overwrite and Suspend
  • Speak-EZ+ system saves time by linking up to 10 additional orders for panel studies
  • Errors are substantially reduced due to automatic patient and order selection
  • Likelihood of duplicate dictations on the same image is reduced
  • Two-way integration includes real-time notification to PACS that dictation is completed
  • Transcribed reports can be uploaded via HL7 to PACS/RIS including: Agfa, Cerner, Fuji, GE Centricity, McKesson, Novarad, Philips and more
  • Speak-EZ includes an optional Electronic Signature feature



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