Why Arrendale for your MTSO Platform

  • Arrendale has partnered with Medical Transcription Service Organizations for over twenty years
  • Our dictation, transcription and speech recognition platform enable your MTSO’s compliance with HIPAA and HITECH requirements
  • Our US inhouse technical staff provide the VNA, Vendor Neutral Architecture, interface expertise required with EHRs today
  • Arrendale does not compete for transcription outsourcing business; we specialize in software and leave the typing to our MTSO partners
  • Our technology, including a robust cell phone app, will help sell your services
  • Our speech recognition will increase your profit margin; we do not use a competitor’s speech recognition
  • Our management reporting, intuitive web platform and word processing will make managers, editors and transcriptionists more efficient

Medical Transcription Service Organizations

Let our Technology Help

Increase your Business

Cost Savings:

  • No servers to purchase, install, monitor and update
  • Eliminate your expensive T1 telephony lines
  • No annual support fees
  • Out tech staff supplements or even replaces your IT team
  • No data center leasing expenses
  • Training included via toll-free calling, desktop streaming, online Help documentation, training videos
  • Speech recognition usage priced less than competitors
  • Affordable pricing for small MTSOs
  • Integrated text expander, medical/pharmaceutical spellcheckers and line counting software included
Support Center

Improve Your Efficiency with Arrendale

  • Voice and text synchronization improves editor productivity
  • Multiple quality assurance queues hold jobs at MTSO and then at customer, if necessary, before EHR upload to resolve blanks and missing demographics
  • Online transcript grading module enables MTSO to verify transcript quality levels to customer
  • Easy search functionality locates needed jobs with minimal clicks
  • Line count reporting saves time with invoicing and payroll
  • Arrendale assistance is available to help train during new customer installs
  • Quick response times from knowledgeable Support Center technicians
  • Job Monitor screen gives birds-eye view of system activity

Features Your Customers Will Enjoy

  • Smartphone dictation app, Mobile+, with transcript viewing, editing and esigning
  • Multiple dictation options: Mobile+ app, landline dictation, digital recorders, USB mikes and dictate stations
  • 45 day central repository of voice files, from all devices, available via telephone to authorized users
  • Keyword search of transcript body for medications and diagnoses-great for audits and clinical trials
  • PACS/RIS integration for radiology with workflow to send front-end draft notes to MTSO for editing
  • Transcript delivery options: automatic PC download, SFTP and HL7
  • Faxing automation to referring physicians
  • Transcript delivery status shows success, failure or pending to track when interface is down and when fax is out of paper/unavailable
  • eSignature feature enables signing on Windows PCs, smart phones and tablets
  • Complete HIPAA audit log is available for every job
  • Transcription platform available for inhouse MTs when mixed inhouse/outsourced environments

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