When using Arrendale voice capture, dictators may recount the patient story verbally in whatever manner suits their personality and situational needs. Options include dictating via mobile phones, land line telephones, digital recorders and PC microphones, allowing dictators to maximize time at their desk and when away. All dictations are stored in a central online repository, no matter which voice input was used, resulting in convenience, efficiency and compliance with patient security and privacy standards.

All Arrendale voice capture methods provide:

  • Dictator ability to mark a job as a Stat to expedite completion
  • Voice file listening via telephone and on-line for an immediate need
  • Job confirmation option to track a job’s progress 
  • Ability to save dictation temporarily for later completion
  • Integration with Dragon for speech recognition efficiency
  • Voice file retention for 30 days or longer in a central repository
  • Voice file encryption on every device, when resident and during Internet transmissions
Document Your Way

Arrendale voice capture assists health systems, clinics and single dictator environments. For dictators on the go, Arrendale Mobile+ is offered in both Apple and Android apps to save on device expenditures. For those comfortable using a digital recorder, Arrendale’s DVR+ is compatible with the familiar Olympus, Philips and Sony devices your practice already owns. Health systems and community hospitals have a choice of cloud-hosted or on premise systems to harmonize with your IT department’s server philosophy. Specialty departments, such as radiology, often select PC-based dictation with a tethered or wireless PC mike for the integrated front-end speech recognition option. Our call-in (remote cloud) dictation option provides at toll-free number for your dictators, can be set up in hours and eliminates server hardware purchases at your facility.

Reasons to upgrade your older dictation system are many:

  • Voice file clarity improves patient documentation accuracy
  • Older systems may not include integration to today’s improved speech recognition
  • For compliance Arrendale uniquely stores Dragon voice files for weeks or more
  • For sites that transcribe into an EHR, our hosted dictation system includes TAT reporting
  • Our US Support Center operates 24×7, holidays included
  • 100% system uptime and no repair costs or delays
  • Dictation software upgrades are included and seamless
  • Elimination of expensive T1 telephone lines
  • Costly proprietary dictation consoles and hard wired phones are eliminated

If your facility is still using an older on-site dictation system with an onerous annual support fee, our remote-hosted solution will save dollars, provide new hardware and software while lightening the load for your IT staff. Arrendale voice solutions allow your facility to include Dragon speech recognition cost savings for all dictators or just those who appreciate this workflow. Keep your physicians productive no matter if they are traveling from one office to another or sitting on their back porch with smart phone access to voice files, transcripts and patients via the Arrendale Mobile+ app. We offer further assistance with your patient narrative completion via US-based A+Network integrated transcription services.

Call 800 344-1323 to describe your voice capture goals and current pain. We’ll customize a system that will please all your users as well as the CFO.

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