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$99.00 / Single license, one-time fee

DVR+ software delivers voice files from digital recorder units to transcriptionists for text file creation in the TA+ platform. DVR+ saves voice files in compatible dss file formats for ease of listening by transcriptionists.



$59.00 / Single license, one-time fee

Arrendale Mobile+ is the smart phone app for Apple and Android devices. In addition to fully featured dictation, Mobile+ functionality includes viewing prior transcripts, searching for patients and the convenience of e-signature. Providers no longer need to carry a separate expensive recording device. Mobile+ even integrates with Dragon and Speak-EZ+ for speech recognition timesavings.

Speak EZ+


$199.00 / Single license, one-time fee

Speak-EZ+ is a flexible desktop dictation application for hospitals, physician practices and individual providers. Functionality includes 1) the ability to send selected files to a transcription team for editing, 2) the option to suspend a partial narrative for later completion, 3) a physician-friendly electronic signature module and 4) 45 day voice file storage.

SpeakEZ+ Video Trial Bundle


Cut Your Documentation Time in Half!

No Obligation 90-Day Trial

Find More Leisure Time for Family and Friends

Bundle Includes Unlimited Video Sessions

 – Mobile+ Universal SmartPhone application for ‘On-the-Go!’ Dictation, Speech Rec, View, Edit, eSign; All in One!

 – SpeakEZ+ Desktop Software to Turbocharge Dragon, view, edit, and eSign – Includes Archiving

 – VideoEZ+ HIPAA Compliant, Easy to Use Video Sessions with 1-Click Entry!


90-Day Video Trial – $299.00

TA+ Dictation Bundle

$249.00 only! $360 Value!

The TA+ Dictation bundle includes a single user license for Speak-EZ+ and Mobile+ applications! Get 2 state-of-the-art Arrendale products free with the purchase of the TA+ Platform!

  1. TA+ HIE Platform: Interoperable HL7-FHIR Services – $99 Value
  2. Arrendale’s Mobile+ for smart phone On the Go dictation – $59 Value
  3. Arrendale’s Speak-EZ+ desktop software to turbocharge Dragon – $199 Value


TA+ HIE Platform

Interoperable HL7-FHIR Services / Call for pricing

Transcript Advantage Plus is Arrendale’s modular workflow product suite for clinical documentation. Included in the TA+ Platform are multiple voice input methods, word processing software, speech recognition integration, a voice and document repository, quality assurance workflow, e-Signature, automated transcript distribution, interface capabilities, statistical reporting and event logging for HIPAA. TA+ is typically cloud-hosted in our secure data center in the US and premise deployed in the UK and Europe.

TransNet Solo

TransNet Solo

$99.00 / Single license, one-time fee

TransNet Solo is a stand-alone clinical documentation word processing program with built-in tools including spellcheckers, abbreviation expanders, template customization and email distribution capability for smaller clinics and physician offices. TransNet Solo’s intuitive, secure Windows transcription application contains password protection and encryption for patient security and privacy compliance.