Speech Recognition TA+  Platform

Arrendale’s TA+ platform delivers cost savings and efficiencies with integrated Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) options.

The platform contains front-end and back-end workflow with either hosted or premise deployments to provide whatever flavor of speech recognition your facility or MTSO desires. Better yet, the TA+ platform has your requirements covered if your imaging department is looking for a front-end solution where the radiologists edit their own work as they dictate, but your HIM department prefers back-end ASR with the transcriptionists correcting speech-recognized text before the dictators see the final, corrected version in the EHR. Either way, physicians are able to deliver better patient care when completed, accurate transcripts are available more quickly in your electronic health record. Our speech recognition technology is ‘industrial grade’ with all medical specialties and accents supported.

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Speech Recognition TA+ Platform

Back-End Speech Recognition

Back-end ASR is seamless for dictators, who may not even realize that speech recognition is being utilized

TA+ workflow delivers the draft text files to correctionists for review and editing straight from the speech server

Established workflow continues after the correctionist completes editing with the text files ready for TA+ e-sign and or upload and signature within your EHR

Speak EZ Features

Front-End Speech Recognition: Dragon and Speak-EZ+

Front-end ASR sends the dictation file through the speech engine and produces a text file within Speak-EZ+ immediately

Speak-EZ+ workflow displays a Speak-EZ+ template with the draft text file to the dictator for immediate review, edit and e-sign

If the editing becomes complex, the dictator may hit the ‘Send to Transcription’ button, sending the voice file to a transcription department for traditional handling, then proceed to the next read

Arrendale’s speech recognition comes with the efficiency tools to accommodate all your users whether your facility is using speech recognition technology for the first time or looking for an improved option. Not all platform companies include both front-end and back-end solutions. Call 800.344.1323 option 2 to discuss your needs so that our sales department can suggest the right workflow for all of your ASR goals.

Transcription solutions created especially for the healthcare industry.

TA+ Platform cloud hosting with zero startup expenses.